Print voucher plastic cards themselves

Who is looking for a great gift, can opt for a voucher. If the coupon itself is created, it is once more personal. If you like, so you can print vouchers plastic itself. The cost is low, but does a lot of joy and the recipient will know so a personal gift sure to be appreciated. This is particularly true if the design meets the taste of the recipient. Continue reading

Set ID cards in the limelight

Cards make life easier and can be used in almost all areas of daily life. For this purpose, it is advantageous if you can as an entrepreneur Print your own plastic cards. Here you have the possibility your cards perfectly set the scene and to inspire so not only existing customers, but also new customers. Thus, each card comes even more to bear, it is best to choose even the matching accessories for plastic cards from which you can also leave a customer acquisition with. Your customers, whether current or new customers will be thrilled by the idea. Continue reading

Xpress50 Price Price tag printer for small business

Since then, the EU has established new rules and regulations for food labeling and YTD also monitored increasingly, are many traders faced with a problem, which is actually none at all. The price tags are in accordance with the will of the EU with open presented food: be washable, durable and non-fading. Paper signs, boards with chalk or laminated sheets are no longer with the rules and must be replaced with plastic shields.

Our tip: price tag printer Xpress 50 Price


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Card Printing: modern System solutions presented by neXus

Many companies want to create on the spot directly passes with photo and special coding for customers or employees. This is made possible by modern and sensible assembled system solutions, such as those offered by the Ratinger dealer neXus.
When compiling should be paid primarily to the compatibility of all models. Software, card printers and the additional hardware should be tailored.

Besides card printers and badging software and PC requires special digital camera, a motor base, signature pad and smart card or magnetic stripe cards.

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XXL Pro Card Printer

The XXL Pro card printer follows the XXL printer and has been extended by some useful functions. The card printer for large-format card is ideally suited for professional use at large events in the fields of culture, sports or economy and also meets the highest requirements.

For security reasons the XXL cards are provided directly during printing with watermarks or encoded with a contactless chip.

Operation of the XXL Pro printer is very simple. The pre-printed cards are individually personalized XXL in a pressure range of 86 x 54 mm and can be created without delay.

XXL Pro printers are equipped with a convenient plug-and-play drivers, USB and Ethernet interfaces as well as well-read display for comfortable applications. Convincing is also the print speed 6-22 seconds per card (monochrome or color).

Features the XXL Pro Printer


  • Card Security: HoloKote® anti-copy protection with watermarks like logo over the entire pressure range.
  • Interfaces: parallel, USB and Ethernet interface as standard
  • Printer driver: Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server user-mode, and XP drivers supplied.
  • Ribbons:

LC1: YMCKO ribbon roll for 350 pictures (Item No. M9005-751.).

LC3: Monochrome color film role in 1000 pictures (Item No. M9005-753.)

LC6: KO Ribbon (Black & Protector) for 600 pictures (Item No. M9005-756.)

Various monochrome color film rolls for every 1,000 images.

  • Card thickness: 0.76 mm to 1.6 mm.
  • Capacity: Card hopper for 50 cards, Card collector for 50 cards.
  • Print speed:

Colour 22 seconds per page.

Monochrome: 6 seconds per page.

  • Weight: 7.5 kg.

XXL card printer you can rent for your big event as well. Questions about rental conditions and current offers can be set to


Google simplifies privacy settings

Google has simplified the settings for Privacy. I do not trust these fields so that then pop up when you end up in the net. But just as Google has solved the “problem” to announce the users that there are new and better (?) Can determine whether you can be tracking the progress and location or user profiles are stored and displayed . Privacy settings can be done now itself. Continue reading