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Haier XQJ50-31 Top Load Washer

The Haier XQJ50-31 top load washer is a washing machine that is loaded from the top, and not the front. I like this particular Haier Top Load Washerl because it is rather light, and very easy to move around. I like the electronic controls, because it is very easy to choose the function that I want the washer machine to perform. The one thing that I don’t like if about this machine is that there are only four washing cycles. I feel as if there should be more cycles than just four, but the pros out weight the cons, and this is why I purchased this washing machine. The machine was only $350.00, and well worth it. Continue reading

Maytag MGT3800T Top Load Stacked Washer / Dryer

Maytag MGT3800T is  a top loading, stacked washer / dryer combination unit that cost $1345.00. The capacity of the washer unit is 2.6 cubic feet of clothes in a load. The capacity for this dryer unit is 5.9 cubic feet of clothes in a load. It has a small dispenser to use for the fabric softener and bleach which allows you to add them to the load and forget about it. You can choose from nine individual settings for the washing machine. Then for the dyer part of the machine there are a total of six individual settings. Continue reading

Keurig K 45 Elite coffeemaker Review

 I purchased a Keurig K 45 Elite coffee maker approximately one year ago. Overall I have found this coffee maker to be excellent, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a single cup coffee brewer. I purchased a single cup coffee brewer because I was sick of paying $3 to $4 for a cup of coffee every day on the way to work. The Keurig brews me a cup of my favorite coffee in about one minute, allowing me to skip the drive thru and head straight to work, saving me time and money. I paid $129 for this Keurig model, and it has more than paid for itself.

Continue reading