Monthly Archives: January 2014

GE WSM2700W/WW/AA Top Load Stacked Washer / Dryer

The GE WSM2700W/WW/AA top load stacked washer / dryer is a stacked unit that measures 30.81 inches deep, 75.5 inches high and 27 inches wide and it weighs 287 pounds. By stacking the dryer on top of the washer it saves space and makes it work great in a small bathroom. It uses 793 kilo watt hours a year of power which cost approximately $80.00 a year to operate. It cost $1399.99 for this model washer and dryer combination. This model is a bit expensive but it beats having to go to the laundry mat all the time. Continue reading

Mr Coffee Coffeemaker

I have used the basic Mr. Coffee coffeemaker by General Electric for the last several years and have been very happy with it. In fact, the last time I had to replace my coffee maker I choose the exact same model because I was so satisfied with it. The only reason I even had to replace it is due to the fact that I broke the coffee pot while washing it. The price for a new pot was so close to the price of a new machine that I decided just to buy the machine again.

It is easy to use with just a few buttons but still has a digital screen which I like. It is easy to program as well which is great for nights I am tired while getting ready for the morning. The only function that I would like is a longer warming function. I have to pop back in and turn it on sometimes while I am getting ready for work, but I have a long morning process so this might not be a problem for everyone. Overall for those that want a basic coffeemaker I would recommend the Mr. Coffee. I give it a 4.5 star rating.