XXL Card Printer by Intraproc

Oversized XXL cards are very common at big Events. They are easylie noticed from far away and leave enough space for individual prints, like advertising, foto and -of course – personal data.

Since more than 30 Years the german Company INTRAPROC is the Specialist for Card Printing Solutions worldwide. The innovative Intraproc XXL Card Printer Collection is perfect for any event and the ticketing at Races, Meetings oder Concerts.

Intraproc XXLPro Card Printer

The XXL pro Printer from Intraproc is one of the most reliable XXL Card printer. It`s fast, flexible effective and at any time ready to work. Encoding of contactless Chips is possible.


The printing Area at reprinetd XXL Cards is sized: 124,8 x 87,8 mm or 140,0 x 87,8 mm can be personalized within an maximum area of 86,0 x 54,0 mm individually. The recommended print area is 82,0 x 51,0 mm.

The Intraproc XXL Printer is the best choice for all Events. Here are more technical Specifications:

  • copying watermark across entire printing area.
  • Printer Interfaces: Parallel, USB and ethernet interfaces all included.
  •  Software Drivers: Windows 2000, Windows 2003 server user-mode, and XP drivers supplied with printer.
  •  Dye Film:  LC1: YMCKO panel dye film, 350 images per roll (Part No. M9005-751). LC3: Monochrome resin black, 1000 images per roll (Part No. M9005-753). LC6: KO panel dyefilm (black and overcoat), 600 images per roll (Part No. M9005-756). Range of monochrome ribbons (red, blue, green, gold, silver or white), 1000 images per roll.
  •  Card Thickness: 0.76 to 1.6 mm (0.029″  to 0.063″).
  • Card Capacity: 100 cards feed hopper, 50 cards output stacker.
  •  Power Source: Internal power supply 90-265V 47-63Hz autoranging.
  • Print Speed: Colour 22 seconds a side. Mono 6 seconds.
  •  Cleaning: Using externally fed cleaning-card plus replaceable cleaning roller.
  • Weight: 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 193.5 mm width x 232.5 mm height x 620 mm length  (7.6″ width x 9.15 ” height x 24.41 ” length) including hopper and stacker.
  • Warranty: Three years warranty which includes full printhead coverage.

We are proud to present the Intraproc XXL Pro Printer Video:


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