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Whirlpool Model WTW5700S

This Whirlpool is a 3.2 cubic foot top-loading appliance. The design is fairly standard and therefore blends in – and also fits easily – into the average laundry closet. For the average family of four, this is a good-sized appliance that makes quick work of the dirty clothes generated in the course of the days.

Preset washing cycles are kept to a minimum; pre-programmed options highlight ‘permanent press,’ a ‘soaking’ feature, ‘hand wash’ for the more delicate clothes and also ‘heavy duty,’ which is perfect for a load of towels. Priced competitively between $500 and $700, it is a good choice for the new family or the couple just starting out.

One caveat: the WTW5700S is not the quietest machine on the market. It may therefore not be the best choice for an apartment laundry closet.

Fargo C 50 Card Printer

Introducing the Fargo C 50 Card Printer. This printer is a reliable solution for small and middle business or schools. The easy and fast printing of employees ID cards, membership oder visitor and school Cards can be realized in less than 5 minutes.


The lightweight C 50 Printer featuring a small design who `s perfect fitting for small offices. The printer accepts the following Card Sizes: CR-80 and CR-79 Adhesive Back and personalizes the Cards in full color or monochrome. An easy to install, all-in-one printer ribbon and card cleaning cartridge making your in-house card printing virtually worry-free.

The Fargo C 50 Card Printer offers a built-in Swift ID™ badging software, automatic printer health monitoring via the included FARGO Workbench™ diagnostic utility. Like other Fargo Card Printers the C50 can be integrated to work with other HID products. The warranty of two Years and Fargo Services are obligatory.

The C 50 Card Printer is an Energy Star® Certified Product. HID Fargo offers the following Options for this Printer:

  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Rewritable card compatible
  • 100 card color (YMCKO) ribbon (some C50 printers accept 250 count color ribbon)
  • Easy-to-use (EZ) disposable ribbon cartridge or eco-friendly and more economical (ECO) refillable ribbon cartridge (standard black resin and YMCKO)
  • Printer cleaning kit

Find more innovative Fargo Card Printer at .

Laundry Tips

Our mothers have previously plagued with washboard, wash boilers and wringing by hand, we are today in terms of laundry a whole lot more. Modern washing machines and washer dryers take us from a lot of the work. We really need to sort only the wash, fill the device and select the appropriate washing program. Done.

Which washing program for which laundry?
- The new fabrics do not require high temperatures more. Experts for housekeeping recommend washing temperatures of 40 °C for lightly soiled laundry and 60 ° for more dirty and whites. The cooking programs of 95 °C  are hardly not necessary because modern washing detergent much more efficient and cleaner without high temperatures.
- In powder detergents for white laundry bleach are included that provide a radiant white. Ideally, only white / light things are washed together – and the temperature specified in the – so they do not turn gray. For normal whites worth a 60 ° C program.
Color Detegent preserve the colors, but not always wash properly clean and therefore are more suitable for lightly soiled laundry or sweaty. For dark things – for example, black dress shirts – are special detergents available that give the colors depth and delay the fading.

Hygienic rinses against bacteria?
The advertising recommends us expensive hygienic rinses that will kill all the bacteria to 99.9 %. This is a nice promise but unnecessary, because we live with thousands of bacteria in our environment and why an ordinary washing out at 40 °C.

Exception: If a household member ill – flu, infectious diseases, diarrhea – should be towels, body and linens cleaned with a cooking program. Also helpful is a dryer that dries the clothes quickly and with high temperature.

Coffee machine buying advice

Coffee quickly and easily at your fingertips, this promises the coffee machine, at least in advertising. But still, relatively few people use an automatic coffee machine. Thus, you will find it easier in the future to make a purchase decision, the most important questions to be answered about coffee machines in the following.

Functions of coffee machines


Many people shy away from buying such a fully automatic machines often because they do not also are aware of how much a coffee machine can now. to the functions include, for example an espresso function, the preparation of a half, or even a whole two cups or the like.

The coffee and the cost …


The claim that the coffee from such a fully automatic coffee machines not taste as good as from a normal machine. However, this is actually just wrong, through better procedures and in particular through the use of the best coffee taste of coffee or espresso from a fully automatic machine not only very good, but just perfect. Also, the cost should now virtually no topic be more.


So the cost of a good coffee machine a few years ago many hundred Dollars, so now everyone gets for less than 100 $ a simple but good fully automatic. The operation has become easy and intuitive.

It’s So BIG Volumizing Mascara (Black) by Elizabeth Mott

A new “Wow” Mascara?  I`ve seen it at a friend and was interested in this Mascara Brush, who looked like an Hour-Glass. Seems to be good for short Lashes – so I bought it. This Mascara is not cheap, the pricce is around 20 $, so you shoud be shure about the product. I mean its ok, to test chep Mascaras for 6 or 7 Bucks – but 20$ is a number, isn`t it.

It’s So BIG Volumizing Mascara (Black) by Elizabeth Mott Net Weight 0.33 fl oz/10ml

Price: $25.00

3.9 out of 5 stars (4083 customer reviews)

4 used & new available from $13.50

Ok, here is my personal review for the It’s So BIG Volumizing Mascara (Black) by Elizabeth Mott Mascara. The first thing I realised was the very long last oft the tint. No stains or smudges after 12 Hours! And it lasts while I used a facial spray on a hot day. No running away. This is an excellent performance.

The handling is very good as well – this long brush grabs all my short and white lashes. And the best: no sticky lashes – but a BIG Volume. I was searching for a long time for the right Mascra and it seems i found it finally. If your not shure about you can order a free sample over the Elisabeth Mott Webpage.