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Tchibo Coffee Beans

Hi there, today I like to talk about my coffee beans. Right, whole beans. I realised my coffee powder is not really tasty – so I bought a coffee mill. And I startetd a test for the perfect beans. I took cheap beans from the Discounter, from Jacobs nand as well Fairtrade Bio Coffeebeans. But it was not really the best for my personal taste.

After a while I got a Tchibo Caffissimo capsule machine and started to order the capsules at the Tchibo Shop. In this Shop I finally found MY coffee beans. As you see, it`s not really cheap- but the taste is almost perfect. Tchibo has this crema beans in light and strong. They originally made for coffee automat but I take it for a filter machine. I like strong coffee in the morning and have two pots. With one pack of Tchibo coffee beans I reach three weeks.

Really recommended. Taste it and enjoy.

Clothes dryer or clothesline?

Now that’s a question that we received from a reader. I’m grown up with the laundry in front of the house, where every family had their 2-3 lines and had to be directed at the “big wash” after a special washing schedule.
When we moved into our new house, I passed on a small laundry space, with 5 lines. And I still think it’s great to be able to fully detach the sheets, curtains or blankets. The laundry is blowing well and is very quick to dry.

Many of my friends have already separated from the lines and put on modern clothes dryers because there is a lot of line on it and the device consumes little space. But I think that the laundry there depends much crowded. Otherwise, however, this is convenient, because the lines disappear after use in the unit or under a hood.

So if you like a “proper washing place” like, you can set it at any time. When buying a modern clothes dryer should not save money. There are different sizes and qualities for all privces. A mile length of 50 meters is also recommended as an automatic line retraction and the proper motion of the spider in the wind. For a firm stand the clothes dryer should be set into the earth. So look for the best place in advance.

5 Tips for beautiful eyebrows

Hello everyone – talk everything from summer makeup, fashion trends, sunscreen. Today I have another issue and that something fundamental, what comes BEFORE the make up. I mean the eyebrows.

Honestly, if the brow is not right, loses the whole face of expression. Thin lines, painted in high arches over the eyes or – much worse – tattooed look but from stupid or not? A well-shaped and clean plucked eyebrow gives the face the right framework. That’s why I always go to my Beauty Therapist  and llet her do the basic shape before work.  Continue reading