Google simplifies privacy settings

Google has simplified the settings for Privacy. I do not trust these fields so that then pop up when you end up in the net. But just as Google has solved the “problem” to announce the users that there are new and better (?) Can determine whether you can be tracking the progress and location or user profiles are stored and displayed . Privacy settings can be done now itself.

So far, Google has indeed very diligent collected data and not sheared to protests or procedures. So why now the turnaround? Guilty conscience? Nope, probably not, and so we can disable and click a lot – you never know if that’ll end up being that way.

But an end to the doom and gloom. The privacy settings can make everyone – regardless of whether he / she has a Google Plus account or not. Account owner sign in easily and then select the “Account Settings” to adjust the settings.

Users from outside, without Google Account can select and change all settings in the menu item “available now tools”. I did that. Ok, it takes a while before you have ransacked it, because again you will be asked for the registration but finally I did it. Let’s see if I got rid of Google then to – at least as a spy, because search engine as I like it already.


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