Card Printing: modern System solutions presented by neXus

Many companies want to create on the spot directly passes with photo and special coding for customers or employees. This is made possible by modern and sensible assembled system solutions, such as those offered by the Ratinger dealer neXus.
When compiling should be paid primarily to the compatibility of all models. Software, card printers and the additional hardware should be tailored.

Besides card printers and badging software and PC requires special digital camera, a motor base, signature pad and smart card or magnetic stripe cards.

The digital cameras should be compatible with the badging software IDCARD4 because as an image recording is controlled from the PC and is done entirely from the keyboard. By making an image file and photos of mobile data carriers can be processed and integrated to the pressure. Thus, the camera freely pivot and can be tilted, a functional motor base is needed.

By means of a modern signature pads can be transferred directly with the signatures IDCARD4 badging software and printed on the cards.
Encoding contact-based and contactless chip cards of types Hitag, Legic, MIFARE and MIFARE DESFire requires the use of special encoding modules which can be used already for a variety of card printers today. A maximum of 4 different codes: barcode – magnetic stripe – contact-based chip – contactless chip – can be placed on the map during the creation of ID cards in a printing operation.

You are looking for a modern system solution? Then you will find information about this and other topics related to modern card printing neXus in Ratingen/Germany and


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