Set ID cards in the limelight

Cards make life easier and can be used in almost all areas of daily life. For this purpose, it is advantageous if you can as an entrepreneur Print your own plastic cards. Here you have the possibility your cards perfectly set the scene and to inspire so not only existing customers, but also new customers. Thus, each card comes even more to bear, it is best to choose even the matching accessories for plastic cards from which you can also leave a customer acquisition with. Your customers, whether current or new customers will be thrilled by the idea.

Depending on the area, there is the right accessory which you should choose cleverly. If you want to spend your newly designed plastic cards to your staff, a lanyard would be very beneficial for example. These are worn slung and have your employees immediately. Also of interest are also the magnet holder or the Gripper, which should be noted is that the magnet holder can also be worn visibly. The Gripper turn can be used for different areas and thus enables replacement of the cards quickly and easily. When storing the card in the company stands for a card rack is available that allows you up to 25 cards to accommodate safely.

Select Exclusive card accessories for your customers

However, if you deploy new customer cards for your customers, it would be important to set them so effectively staged that your customers are thrilled. Here you can choose, for example, the card holder, which are available in matte or clear choice. Very interesting are also the holder, which have a so-called push-out that the cards can be quickly taken out of the protective sleeve. Many customers are enthusiastic about for individual gifts, including definitely includes the Kartenjojo.
Depending on for which Card accessories you decide to deal with your new plastic card, you should also purchase the matching punch. This allows you to customize each card to the matching accessories and edit.


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