Accessories for plastic cards system

Especially for larger companies or events, it may be useful, in addition also equip employees or visitors to the plastic cards with matching accessories. Whether it is because the tangible and permanent legibility of the map, which greatly increases or because with extensive use and correspondingly high stress, the card requires additional protection.Many events plastic cards also serve as nameplates and for access control or for billing purposes. In such cases, it may be particularly favorable to equip the small all-rounders with clips, magnetic holders or lanyards. So your guests have the map at your fingertips. Even more convenient are the modern Kartenjojos that unlike classical Lanyards spots, a winding mechanism available that provides additional order.

In companies increase with cards Accessories efficiency
In establishments where RFID or contactless chip-based access control systems to be used, are just the ways to have the plastic card always on hand especially popular. Especially with RFID-based cards are more expensive still, the use of card holders may be useful in addition to protect the plastic cards also against damage and wear. On the vast majority of RFID readers, it is not even necessary to take the card to use out of the holders. So your employees can more quickly and effectively carry out their activities.

When using cheaper cards or if in any case is only a short period of use, on the other hand provides the punching of the cards are a convenient way to ensure attachment to lanyard or Kartenjojo. With our budget round, elongated hole or combi dancing, which is quick, easy and cost effective to manage.

For issuance and management of returnable plastic cards to go through several cycles of use, in turn, lends itself to the use of an ID card rack in which the cards are stored next to each order. It enables the efficient issuance and redemption of plastic cards with fixed identifiers.



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