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LG WM-2301H Front Load Washer

When people hear the LG name, most often think of front loader options. The LG WM-2301H Front Load Washer is a reliable model because it is quiet, cheap, and has great features. Not everyone wants a washing machine that hums and vibrates so loudly that one can’t think or sleep.

Instead, the LG Front Load Washer includes a TrueBalance antivibration system so that limited washing machine noise fills the home. The machine is great because it has nine wash options, five soil levels, and five wash temperatures from which to choose, which ensures that any fabric can be handled by the model. The machine is also energy efficient, which in turn means that people can save money on water and electricity bill.

And of course, saving the environment just by choosing an energy efficient washing machine is a win-win and easy situation.

LG WM-2101H Front Load Washer

I have always had top loader washing machines and wanted to try a front load washer but the prices were just too expensive. The ”LG WM-2101H Front Load Washer” is priced reasonably for all that it does.

This washer runs quietly and has 7 wash programs. The feature I like the best is the 19-hour delay wash that lets me run the complete cycle of pre-wash, wash, bleach and softener when it’s most convenient for me. If you have a busy lifestyle and limited time to take care of household chores, this will help you tremendously. The LG WM-2101H Front Load Washer also has the energy star rating which makes it cost efficient. The LG uses less water while still getting the clothes clean.

This LG WM-2101H Front Load Washer also has a “NeveRust” stainless steel drum and 5 motor spin speeds. It is easy to install and comes with a one  year warranty on parts and labor.