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Maytag Centennial MVWC500V Washer

Efficient. Dependable. Quiet. These are three words  that come to mind when I think about the Matag Centennial MVWC500V Washer. It is a 27″ top-loading machine that can fit almost anywhere. At 3.5 cubic feet, it takes up no room, at all. The bad parts about this washer is the price and the color options. At $459 and up, it is as expensive as a new front-load washer. And, you don’t get to choose a color! You get white with silver accents only.

The machine is equipped with 16 different automatic wash cycles with four speed combinations. As far as looks, it’s okay. The console shines a metallic color, the knobs are silver, and the wash basket is stainless steel. I love the fact that is doesn’t have an “end-of-cycle” buzzer. I’ve always hated that noise! It has several safety features for those of you accident prone people. It comes with a one year limited warranty, also. Just make sure that only one family is using it, or they will not cover it!